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The Wiedmann Bible goes media

The mission is in full swing. Willy Wiedmann dream comes true. Starting with the premiere at the German Evangelical Church Congress to the enthusiasm that was triggered among the visitors. Several film teams followed the longest painted Bible in the world over the past week. Including Regio TV and Desert Ship Studios film production.

Today is the first broadcast date and it will certainly not be the last! Because the mission is far from over. Willy Wiedmann wanted as many people as possible to enjoy his Bible. It all started with his children last week, and now it's going on. Be ready: today Stuttgart, tomorrow Germany and the day after tomorrow the world. Be part of the mission! Download the “The Wiedmann Bible” app, whether for your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can see the report by Regio TV here: “The Treasure of the Kirchentag” broadcast on June 9th, 2015


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