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Collage I Wiedmann Bibel



The Bible that speaks through pictures

The Wiedmann Bible is the Bible that you can't read - it`s painted!
It is the only known Bible in the world that represents the entire Old and New Testament in 3,333 consecutive images. German artist Willy Wiedmann (1929–2013) painted this incredible work of art in his unique Polycon style, which he developed in the mid-sixties.



The whole story behind

The Wiedmann Bible
der Film zur Wiedmann Bibel

The discovery of the treasure

After the artist's death, his son, Martin Wiedmann, discovered the long-hidden treasure in the attic and took it upon to continue the mission:


To share the Wiedmann Bible with all the world

Galerie Wiedmann I Stuttgart

The place of origin

For sixteen years, Willy Wiedmann painted the 1.17km long Leporello in the attic of his Stuttgart art gallery in Germany.


The artist wanted to simplify the Bible to help people understand it better and nudge them into actively engaging with it again

The Beginning of 16 years of Hard Work

1984 Willy Wiedmann got mandated to paint out the whole Paulus Kirche in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. This is when he first engaged with the Bible. He was incredibly  fascinated by the Scripture and started to paint the Wiedmann Bible.

The result is a colossal  artistic creation of 19 books and impressive pictures, which are difficult to grasp purely because of their length.

Willy Wiedmann im Atelier
Willy Wiedmann


The Artist

Incomparable and Unequaled

Wilhelm Richard Heinrich (Willy) Wiedmann was a musical, artistic, and literary multi-talent.

Dachstock der Galerie Wiedmann


Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart



Studied at the Technical College of Music in Stuttgart

Willy Wiedmann Galerie

Gallery Owner

Opened the first gallery in Stuttgart in 1964

Willy Wiedmann Ettlingen

The Life

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Willy Wiedmann was born Wilhelm Richard Heinrich Wiedmann on March 14, 1929, in Ettlingen (a district of Karlsruhe) Germany. He was married to Hilda Wiedmann and had three children: Richard, Cornelia and Martin. He named his two schnauzers Jakob and Jakobine to coincide with the name of his gallery, "Galerie am Jakobsbrunnen" (Gallery at Jacob's Well)







The Art

As in his studies, Willy Wiedmann did not commit to a single art direction.

Music and painting were equally important parts of his artistic work.

He even incorporated music into his pictures.

Wiedmann created a total of 150 opus works . He also worked as a freelance musician and composer at the Württemberg State Theater in Stuttgart (1954–1964) and for German radio stations such as SDR , SWF and ZDF (1964-1982).


Over many years, Willy Wiedmann worked hard to save the 16th-century farmhouse from demise. In 1964 he opened "Galerie am Jakobsbrunnen,"now called "Galerie Wiedmann"

Galerie Wiedmann

The Galerist

In 1964, Wiedmann opened his first gallery; "Galerie am Jakobsbrunnen" in Stuttgart. As a gallerist, he worked with famous artists and was one of the first to exhibit works by Salvador Dalí in Stuttgart. He was one of the initial gallery owners to promote art movements such as the Vienna Secession and Neoclassicism in his exhibitions.  Wiedmann opened five more galleries during his lifetime, some of which he also directed, including in New York.

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