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The Bible that speaks through pictures

The Wiedmann Bible is the Bible that you can't read - it`s painted!

It is the only known Bible in the world that represents the entire Old and New Testament in 3,333 consecutive images. German artist Willy Wiedmann (1929–2013) painted this incredible work of art in his unique Polycon style, which he developed in the mid-sixties.

Galerie Wiedmann I Stuttgart

The place of origin

For sixteen years, Willy Wiedmann painted the 1.17km long Leporello in the attic of his Stuttgart art gallery in Germany.


The artist wanted to simplify the Bible to help people understand it better and nudge them into actively engaging with it again

16 years of Hard Work

The result is a colossal  artistic creation of 19 books and impressive pictures, which are difficult to grasp purely because of their length.

The discovery of the treasure

After the artist's death, his son, Martin Wiedmann, discovered the long-hidden treasure in the attic and took it upon to continue the mission:


He created a digital Bible world, including Apps, an interactive terminal, and a virtual reality experience.

The Bible was first published in book form a limited, high-quality ART-Edition in February 2018.

In May 2017, the Wiedmann Bible was shown in its entirety as a 1,517-meter long facsimile in Magdeburg, Germany, and simultaneously earned a place in the Guiness Book of World Records.



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Gottes Anklage gegen das abtrünnige Volk I Wiedmann Bibel
Das Abendmahl I Wiedmann Bibel
Judit I Wiedmann Bibel
Buch Jesus Kreuzweg I Wiedmann Bibel
Die Ankündigung und Geburt Jesu I Wiedmann Bibel
Arche Noah I Wiedmann Bibel
Das Goldene Kalb I Wiedmann Bibel
Die Weisen aus dem Morgenland I Wiedmann Bibel
Propheten, Aufruf zum Tempelbau I Wiedmann Bibel
Der Turmbau zu Babel I Wiedmann Bibel
Die Grosse Ernte und die Berufung der Zwölf I Wiedmann Bibel

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