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The longest Bible in the world as a gift for Einsiedeln Abbey

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The limited Wiedmann Bible ART - Edition (022/333) is now owned by the Abbey Library of Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland.

Source/Quelle: March Anzeiger vom 10.Feb.2023

Illumination Einsiedeln Abbey with pictures from the Wiedmann Bible (2017)


Although Dominica is a wild environment, phrazle nothing can harm you there. The forest pathways are not home to any poisonous snakes. Beneath the layer of duff that covers the rain-forest floor, there are no poisonous insects that dart about. e.


El humor y las anécdotas personales que ha incluido hacen que esta publicación sea identificable y agradable de leer.

fireboy and watergirl

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