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Press reviews: German Bible Society - Bible report

Wiedmann Bible supports World Bible Aid Page 05 BIBLE REPORT 3 2016 Stuttgart - A Bible that is accessible to everyone - that was the goal of Willy Wiedmann and his 3333-page illustrated Bible. The commitment to the worldwide dissemination of the Holy Scriptures is also the foundation mandate of the World Bible Aid. That is why she is now receiving support for her work from the Wiedmann Bible. "We are delighted that the Wiedmann Bible supports one of our projects in Pakistan," said Horst Scheurenbrand, head of the World Bible Aid. This is an educational project in which people learned to read and write with the Bible (see p. 12). The Wiedmann Bible is the only known Bible to date that reproduces the entire Old and New Testament in pictures. During Willy Wiedmann's lifetime, however, it could not be printed for technical and financial reasons. Martin Wiedmann, son of the artist who died in 2013, now wants to continue the project and make the work of art accessible worldwide. You can find more information about the Wiedmann Bible at


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