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Picture and bible

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Scripture in the digital age Int. May 2015 “A Bible must not have any pictures, let alone completely blank Pictures exist. " Such or similar statements are made by critics from various camps when it comes to the subject of the picture and the Bible.

But is the attitude still up-to-date in the era of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Co.? This question is becoming more and more important. Especially with a view to the coming Luther year 2017. The subject of images and the Bible will play a major role here. Because at the events you will most likely tweet and post what's going on. Prof. Dr. Thomas Erne is director of the Church Building Institute in Marburg. He says that Martin Luther had nothing against pictures and goes even further. He probably would have found films better than just the written word. If so, then Luther would definitely have been a fan of the WIEDMANN BIBLE. It reproduces the Old and New Testament completely in pictures - without any text. It was painted by the Stuttgart artist Willy Wiedmann. Every day we post a prayer, for example on our Facebook page. It takes over 9 years to get through the entire Bible. Why pictures are important in spreading the gospel? You can tell in an interview with Ralf Siepmann and Prof. Dr. Read Thomas Erne on Click here.


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