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World premiere at DEKT 2015

What a great opening ceremony. The atmosphere was just fantastic here at the #DEKT in Stuttgart. 81,000 people were there. The palace square had to be closed. That gave pure goosebumps. It's about to get really exciting when the world's longest painted Bible is finally presented to the world. After being hidden in the archive for decades. And I can tell you one thing, it is not lightweight. 3,333 hand-painted pictures can be quite difficult. Carry around a 1.166 km long Leporello with you. You save yourself the gym and you won't get "The Wiedmann Bible" in a pocket that easily.

But no problem. You can still take them with you wherever you go. As of today, the longest Bible in the world is available to you as an app - it can be downloaded free of charge from our website


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