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Wolf Codera - spontaneous concert at NRW premiere

It is not only a Bible, but also an art. That is why Willy Wiedmann's life's work is now also exhibited in a gallery. At the same time, the 1km long leporello with its digital Bible world can be seen for the first time in North Rhine-Westphalia. Musical celebrities have also announced themselves for the premiere in the Essen Atelier JesusChris. The exhibition will be opened by none other than the well-known German saxophonist and clarinetist Wolf Codera. Despite his upcoming Christmas concert tour, he spontaneously agreed for the evening. From December 6th, Wolf Codera will be traveling in the Ruhr area and will appear in the Essen district court (December 8th) and in the Ev. Church of the Redeemer (December 13th).

The Essen Atelier JesusChris has meanwhile become a popular meeting place for creative and non-creative people. The two communication designers Jesus Lopéz and Chris Brackmann have been realizing their idea of ​​a creative melting pot here for less than a year. The name stands for label, experimental room and presentation laboratory for art in the broader sense. The reference to the well-known gentleman from Nazareth is of course also flirtatious and winking, but it is just too obvious. The gallery concept is deliberately defined differently here: wider, looser, livelier, more tangible. The aim is to make art less elitist and, through exchange, communication and a relaxed, informal atmosphere, to bring it closer to an audience that may initially be “distant”. JesusChris has been open for just 8 months and has already presented successful and talented artists in a short time.

The exhibition starts on November 17th at 7pm and runs until December 8th.


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