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He is the Vincent van Gogh of the 20th century. Like the Dutch artist, Willy Wiedmann only achieved worldwide fame after his death. Although his works were internationally known during his lifetime, mostly under his pseudonyms such as Emily Gräsli or George Yugone.

Wiedmann was a master of work-life balance and an artistic all-rounder. During his time as a musician, he played with Armstrong and Goldmann. Willy Wiedmann lived according to the motto: “It is human right to love art or not.” He loved art and supported numerous creative people. He didn't think about himself. While fellow students like Hajek became world famous, there was only one life for Wiedmann that was dedicated to art and less to the public.

At the WERKE exhibition in Stuttgart, GALERIE WIEDMANN is showing works by Willy Wiedmann. Including THE WIEDMANN BIBLE. It is the only known Bible to date that reproduces the entire Old and New Testament in 3,333 images. The artist painted the 1.67km long masterpiece for 16 years. At the exhibition you will not only see the original size reprint of Genesis, but also the new art edition.

Exhibition WERTE 2016 - workshops of traditional craftsmanship 30.04. and 01.05.2016, Kursaal Bad Cannstatt, Königsplatz 1, 70372 Stuttgart


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