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This short documentary is mind blowing

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

We are excited to announce that “The World’s Longest Painted Bible – The Wiedmann Bible” film has debuted on youtube. Starting today you can watch our short documentary about the German Evangelical Church Conference in Stuttgart.  The attendees were amazed, some even speechless. The were not prepared for what they would experience when they entered the room. They had an idea but did not expect such a monumental piece of work.

Of course we were asked a lot of questions such as: “Is it true that only one man created all those hand-pictures all by himself?” or “Which materials did Willy Wiedmann use while painting the world’s longest Bible?” Some were so impressed they returned several times with their friends and families. “The Wiedmann Bible” fascinated young and old people as well as Bible experts equally.

See yourself in our sneak peak:

Find the complete film here:  The Wiedmann Bible – A Documentary


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