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The world’s longest painted Bible unveiled

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

For decades the world’s longest painted Bible was hidden in an archive – now it will be released for the very first time.

Jesus was light and dark skinned at the same time. A pretty unusual statement, and some might disagree. However, this is exactly what this Bible is all about. It shows that the Holy Scriptures are supposed to be for everyone, and not to segregate humans! ” The Wiedmann Bible” is free of typical stereotypes. So forget what you have learned about the Bible so far.

The artist, Willy Wiedmann, studied 40 versions of the Holy Scriptures, and implemented this knowledge into his paintings. Over a period of 16 years Wiedmann created something entirely new that has never existed before with intention to male people think, use their own fantasy, discuss the Bible on a whole new level. He treasured up his life’s work. Unfortunately, Willy Wiedmann was not able to make his dream come true – to share it with the world.

Therefore no one has ever seen the complete Bible until now! His His children took on the task of making their father’s last wish come true. The Wiedmann Bible will be presented to the public for the very first time at the “Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag” in Stuttgart June 3rd – June 6th.


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