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The Wiedmann Bible Shop is online!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

You like the bible? Then you will love our shop. Show everyone that you are a fan of the scriptures. In our The Wiedmann Bible Shop you can become a designer yourself. Make yourself or others happy again!

How about modern elegance for your apartment? With the self-designed decorative wood picture with your favorite motif from the Wiedmann Bible. Our tip: Choose two or more consecutive motifs. You can even create a triptych or a polyptych.

Bring more color into your daily work with our non-slip photo mousepad. Simply choose your favorite motif from the Wiedmann Bible and have it printed.

The bodyguard for your mobile phone Protect your smartphone with the word of God from the Wiedmann Bible. The shell is made of sturdy plastic. You can choose the picture yourself. A must for passionate Bible lovers!

Get the original as a reprint: The Wiedmann Bible in its complete length of 1.666 km and a total of 3,333 pages. You get each of the books in a noble, handcrafted and portable storage case. Dimensions: original size 34 × 34 cm (19 ed.) Print: pigment color print, 100% cotton paper, 310 g Hahnemühle

The absolute favorite, however, is our Adam & Eva T-shirt. You can find out exactly how it looks here: The Wiedmann Bible Shop


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