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The true bestselling authors in Germany

They enchant millions of people with their words and take us into other worlds for a few hours - bestselling authors. We immediately think of famous names like Günter Grass, Kerstin Gier or Sebastian Fitzek. However, they are not the true best-selling authors. The BamS has drawn up a list of the people who are behind the most widely read books in Germany, but which hardly anyone knows. One of them is Victoria Brauch from Baden-Württemberg. Almost everyone has had their two-liner in their hands at some point. Because she runs, together with her siblings, the largest fortune cookie factory in Europe. They reach up to 40 million people every year with their positive sayings. Another bestselling author is Dr. Christoph Rösel from the German Bible Society. The publisher reaches around 1.5 million people every year with his Bibles. Together with his 70-strong team, he revised the last version of the Luther Bible from 1984. "We checked whether the text matched the Hebrew and Greek sources and modernized it a little in incomprehensible places," said Rösel of the newspaper. For example, expressions such as “wistful mother” have been replaced by “midwife” or “genetic material” by “inheritance”. The latter in particular would lead to misunderstandings today. "Some words have simply changed their meaning since 1984," explains Rösel in the interview. The new work will be released in October next year.

What took Luther 13 years back then, the team of the German Bible Society managed, thanks to today's technology, in 5. Manual work at that time took its time. That is why it took Willy Wiedmann 16 years to realize Luther's dream, a Bible made of pictures. With its 3,333 hand-painted pictures in the form of a fan-fold, “The Wiedmann Bible” surpasses all existing versions. It was hidden in his archive for decades. In June 2015, the world's longest painted Bible celebrated its premiere in her hometown of Stuttgart: “The Wiedmann Bible” - the film


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