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The Bible in 3333 pictures

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The entire Königstrasse could be laid out with the work of Willy Wiedmann: The artist from Bad Cannstatt painted the Bible and worked on more than 3000 pictures for 16 years. There will be a service on this topic on February 28th. Bad Cannstatt - painter, sculptor, musician, composer, writer and gallery owner: Willy Wiedmann was an all-rounder and at the same time a Swabian worker: “When he bought the house on Tuchmachergasse, he first knocked down the plaster and the half-timbering against all regulations exposed ”, says Hans Betsch, the former chairman of Pro Alt-Cannstatt, who knew and valued the Cannstatt artist. Willy Wiedmann is unlikely to have made himself popular with the authorities. Today the house is one of the most beautiful in Bad Cannstatt and houses the "Galerie Wiedmann", which the painter, who died in 2013, had himself run for decades under the name "Galerie am Jakobsbrunnen".


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