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The Bible an easy read?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Au contraire! “Owning a Bible is one thing, but reading and making sense of it is a challenge”, states Andrew Ollerton in “Christian Today”.  Where does one start? Can books be skipped?

Also some parts were very brutal and bizarre. Which rises another question: Should one take the Holy Scriptures literally? Something that Willy Wiedmann, the creator of the world’s longest painted Bible, had to learn as well. He studied 40 version while working on his monumental piece of art. Not an easy task. He even created personal descriptions of the disciples and important people in the Bible that included details such as height, hair color, etc., just to make sure he portrayed them as correctly as possible. It took him 16 years to complete his task; all pictures are hand-painted. The result is a Leporello with a total length of one mile.


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