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Pastor urges brothel owners to offer free service to refugees

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Clothes, food, and cash donations. More and more people are encouraging others to give to charity for the hundreds of thousands of refugees that are fleeing their countries.

They had to leave everything behind and are often even lucky if they arrive at their destination alive. Of course, one’s first thought would be that they needed clothes, food, and a place to stay since they often arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing at that time.  A christian pastor, however, goes even further. It is obvious to him that also the sexual needs need to be taken care of. According to a report from the Münchner Merkur, Pfarrer Ulrich Wagner has started the project “Free Love for Free People”. It is supposed to be financed by a group of supporters. Wagner states that it also gave brothel owners a chance to do a “good deed”. “In the morning there is not much going on anyway, I suppose,” he told the newspaper. He came up with the idea because one of his friends was concerned that the male refugees could eventually start harassing the women in his village.

Wagner was aware from that start that this idea could be somewhat odd, especially coming from him as a man of the church. “I am a free citizen, I am allowed to have a free opinion. If someone wants to resent me, or be upset with me so be it. However, that’s their problem,” he told the newspaper. “In our society we tolerate prostitution, which is considered being a profession, newspapers and the internet are full of ads, “Wagner continued.

So far only a few people have criticized his idea. However, the project has just startet. What are your thoughts on the pastor’s suggestion?


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