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New Addition

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Martin Luther always wanted an illustrated Bible that can be studied by anyone. Even though many have tried to accomplish this mission – “The Wiedmann Bible” exceeds all existing versions. With its 3,333 hand-painted images it can be considered the world’s longest Bible illustration. The artist Willy Wiedmann kept his work hidden in his archive for decades. It finally debuted at the Evangelical Church Congress in Stuttgart in June 2015. The visitors were amazed. Especially because with this Bible illiterates and people with reading disabilities or people that come together from different countries can study the Bible together.

This woman could not believe what she just discovered – watch her reaction!

Even though “The Wiedmann Bible” does not need the help of any verses to be studied, the artist added comments to his work for us to understand what he was painting which are now available in the Ebook in English as well. However, as always we are not done with our mission yet. More exciting additions are coming soon.


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