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Memorial plaque for all-rounder

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

What do Maybach, Daimler, Ritter Sport and the Wiedmann Bible have in common? A lot! All are named after their inventors, at home in BadGedenktafel Willy Wiedmann Cannstatt - Stuttgart and their makers were honored with a rare commemorative plaque. The Pro-Alt Cannstatt association gives this award to outstanding personalities and institutions in the region. The memorial plaque No. 102 has been commemorating the artist Willy Wiedmann since Wednesday. It hangs in the gallery of the same name on Tuchmachergasse.

Willy Wiedmann was a unique, multi-talented and work-life balance master. He wrote around 150 opus works, painted 30,000 pictures, directed national and international galleries, painted churches and created a style of painting - polycon painting, to name just a few. With his life's work, however, Willy Wiedmann set a historic milestone. He made Martin Luther's dream of a complete Holy Scripture in pictures a reality and created the longest painted Bible in the world: the Wiedmann Bible. He has been working on his life's work for 16 years. With a length of 1.67 km and 3,333 hand-painted pictures, it tells the stories of the Old and New Testaments and is unique in its kind. Willy Wiedmann studied around 40 versions of the Holy Scriptures for this purpose.

Unfortunately, he couldn't fulfill his own dream before he passed away in 2013. He wanted to make the Bible accessible to everyone, illiterate people in particular should benefit from it. However, the technology was not ready at that time. That is why he kept his life's work hidden in the attic of the gallery. Only recently his son discovered The Wiedmann Bible by accident. Now he makes it his business to finish his father's mission: The Wiedmann Bible - the film


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