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Megachurches: a lucrative business or a justified payment?

The “classic” church congregations complain of a steady decline in membership, while the so-called megachurches in the USA are getting bigger and bigger. There are now four of them in Germany as well. Megachurch is the name of the community whose fair an average of 2,000 people attend and that regularly. Some even fill entire halls with up to 30,000 participants. Everything is great. The screen, so that everyone can see what is happening on stage, the bands and the preachers' salaries. According to an article in Chron magazine, the median salary is $ 147,000. Some even get up to $ 400,000 a year, while other clergymen have to settle for $ 45,000. According to the article, the megachurches spend 45% of the budget on salaries and also offer highly sought-after support services, such as health or life insurance. But is that really the future of the church? Is that what God wants or just a lucrative way to make lots of money? It's not like someone is forcing churchgoers to donate their money. In return, they get the entertainment they want. What is your opinion?


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