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Updated: May 24, 2023

Reutlingen / Stuttgart January 13, 2020 – 10 young people, 1,400 hours, 4,600 tiles. This year the schedule of the vocational students at the Kerschenstein School looked a little different. It became biblical with the tilers. Teacher Michael Silbernagl had seen the Wiedmann Bible on television for the first time and was fascinated by the work. The polycon style developed by Willy Wiedmann is particularly suitable for him as a master tiler. Because there are only straight lines and angles here. “I want the students to enjoy their work. That’s why I always come up with something special. Everyone was immediately enthusiastic about the Wiedmann Bible and the pictures, even if the group consisted of students from different religious backgrounds. Of course, they were allowed to choose the motifs themselves, ”said Michael Silbernagl. The choice fell on two pictures of Jonah.

The students went to work with enthusiasm and turned the work of art into a work of art. First the students divided the motifs into grids – for material calculation. Then the appropriate colors were selected, the edges cut and sanded by hand, everything glued so that nothing falls off and then the mosaics were laid. There is a motif in the changing room of the Reutlingen vocational school. Martin Wiedmann, the artist’s son, was impressed and touched by the results: “It was a great job the students did. My father would certainly have been very proud. He always liked to promote young artists. ”

In the spring, Michael Silbernagl wants to implement further pictures of the Wiedmann Bible as tile art with the next class.


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