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Wiedmann Pilgrimage Bible - largest ever outdoor exhibition of the Wiedmann Bible

500 years after Martin Luther's translation of the Bible at the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, Germany, 3,333 pictures by Stuttgart artist Willy Wiedmann will line the route to the historic place in Thuringia. The city administration announced on Friday that his Wiedmann Bible, which reproduces the complete Old and New Testament in hand-painted pictures, will be shown in full for the first time in Eisenach. The large-format prints with Bible motifs are currently being set up along a 1,7-kilometer (about 1 mile) route as the "Eisenach Pilgrim's Bible." The opening is scheduled for May 4th, 2022. On May 4th, 1521, the church reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) was kidnapped near Eisenach on his way back from the Reichstag in Worms. Elector Frederick the Wise brought Luther, who had been outlawed by the Reichstag, to the Wartburg for his protection. In late 1521, Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German in eleven weeks.

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