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Incredible impressions - thank you Stuttgart!

What an event! The Evangelical Church Congress in Stuttgart is over and there have been five wonderful days.

Reactions Hundreds of thousands of visitors came to Stuttgart. Many saw the premiere of the world's longest painted Bible and were thrilled. They couldn't believe that there was only one person who painted this Bible. But that's the way it is: he had worked on it for 16 years.

This Bible did exactly what Willy Wiedmann had always wanted. The visitors not only looked at the Holy Scriptures, but also started talking about them. Every day there was a spontaneous Bible workshop in the hospital courtyard. At first there were only three to four visitors who talked about the hand-painted pictures, but after a short time up to thirty people were standing around the computer with the "Wiedmann Bible" app and discussing things together.

The 1.666 km long hand-painted leporello is now back in the archive. But this time "The Wiedmann Bible" will not disappear there again for decades. Because so many people have shown interest in the unique specimen that there will definitely be an exhibition again soon.


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