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Human chain of 500 displays 1517 m long Bible in world record attempt

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

On May 7th at 11am Magdeburg – Germany will be venue for a one of a kind event. For the first time in history the Wiedmann Bible will be completely unfolded over a 1517 meter distance, attempting to set a world record.

“This is another step within the process of carrying on my father’s mission: Making the Wiedmann Bible accessible to everyone and by that engaging all people with the Holy Scriptures”, says Martin Wiedmann, son of the deceased artist.

The Wiedmann Bible depicts the complete Old and New Testament in 3,333 images and was painted by the German artist Willy Wiedmann. Willy Wiedmann always wanted for his Bible to become accessible for all people around the world. Because certain technologies were not readily available, he was not able to publish it during his lifetime. He therefore buried his vision and kept his Bible hidden in his gallery’s attic where it slipped into obscurity until his son revealed the artwork in 2013.

Since then Martin Wiedmann and his family have created a multimedia Bible experience, including a virtual reality, an interactive kiosk, and an app. In December the Wiedmann Bible will be published for the first time as a book in two volumes as a limited Art-Edition, containing a total of 1,740 pages. The 3,333 images are complemented by the artist’s comments on his work as well as Bible verses from the latest Martin Luther Bible translation 2017 from the German Bible Society in German.


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