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Handover of the Bible to the Balingen town church

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

On the occasion of the works exhibited by Willy Wiedmann in the Rathaus-Galerie and the town church of Balingen, the town parish celebrated a special service on the Wiedmann Bible. His son was there. Martin Wiedmann talked about his father and his work. Only after his death was the largest painted Bible in the world with 3333 pictures presented to the public. In the meantime the exhibition could be seen all over the world. Pope Francis, among others, received printed editions. During the service, Martin Wiedmann also gave a copy to the town church community.

To make the scope of the work clear, a picture leporello of Genesis was unfolded at the end of the service. Willy Wiedmann's works can be seen in the Rathaus-Galerie and in the Stadtkirche until January 25th. Afterwards the exhibition can be admired in Frankfurt in the Bibelhaus Erlebnismuseum.


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