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Digital Bible World at the Willow Creek Leadership Congress in Dortmund

The Wiedmann Bible hits the nerve of the times. With her virtual reality, an interactive experience terminal or the app she wants to get more people excited about the Bible again. It is different from other versions of the Scriptures. How exactly the artist's Bible can help with work in churches and congregations is shown by Wiedmann Media AG at the Willow Creek Management Congress (booth H37).

From February 8th to 10th, the focus will be on “Future - Hope - Church” in Dortmund's Westfalenhallen. More than 11,000 employees from churches and congregations talk about the new ways they can use to get people excited again and reach them with the gospel. In times of social media and the internet, participants are looking for realignments. The Wiedmann Bible stands out from other versions of the Holy Scriptures because it is the only Bible that speaks through images. It reproduces the entire Old and New Testament in 3,333 illustrations. It was painted by the Stuttgart artist Willy Wiedmann over a period of 16 years (1984-2000). A publication was not possible at that time for technical reasons. After his father's death, the son discovered the work in the attic, had the pictures scanned and developed a digital Bible world in three languages ​​(German, English, Spanish). With virtual reality, for example, visitors can enter the Garden of Eden or use the app to search for their favorite verses and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is also ideal for use in teaching and church work. In addition to its mission to get more people interested in the book of books, the Wiedmann Bible also wants to convey values. With the newly released ART edition, these are again placed more in the foreground. It was created in cooperation with the German Bible Society. The limited edition will be available in stores from February 28th. More information can be found here: or


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