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Did You Know?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Interesting Facts about The World’s Longest Painted Bible:

3,333 Images does “The Wiedmann Bible” include.

9,13 Years will it take for you to share the complete “Wiedmann Bible” with  friends and family until you start from the beginning, if you send one picture per day.

222 Minutes does it take you to watch the complete “The Wiedmann Bible” App.

16 Years did Willy Wiedmann work on “The Wiedmann Bible”.

1,166 Kilometers is the total length of “The Wiedmann Bible”.

4,7 Times does the concertina folder go around a soccer field.

40 Versions of The Holy Scriptures did Willy Wiedmann study while working on his Bible. He even created portfolios of the main characters in order to paint them as precisely as possible i.e. regarding age, size, and appearance.

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