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After 34 years: a Bible returns to its place of origin

Stuttgart. It all started in 1984 with an order. Willy Wiedmann was supposed to paint in the Pauluskirche in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. At that time nobody knew that one day a unique masterpiece would emerge from it: The Wiedmann Bible. It shows the complete Old and New Testament in pictures. There is no comparable version anywhere in the world. The Stuttgart artist Willy Wiedmann (1929 - 2013) painted the Leporellobibel over a period of 16 years. He was never able to publish them due to the lack of technical possibilities at the time.

Now - 34 years later - the Wiedmann Bible is returning to the place where the idea for it was born. On April 29, the son of the artist, Martin Wiedmann, who has since passed away, will solemnly hand over an edition of the limited ART edition to the Pauluskirche. It is thanks to him that the picture Bible is now also available in book form. Just as his father had always wanted. “At that time the technology and perhaps the people were not ready for his work. With the publication of the ART edition, my father's dream came true and with the handover the Wiedmann Bible returns to the Pauluskirche. This closes the circle, ”says a delighted Martin Wiedmann.

The limited ART edition is the first publication of the Wiedmann Bible in book form. It was created in cooperation with the German Bible Society and has been available in stores since the end of February. Parish councilor Heinz Stohrer will receive the limited edition for the Pauluskirche or the parish in the course of a church service. Pastor Dieter Kümmel has come up with something very special for the celebrations: “We will turn the church interior. That means: During the service, the congregation does not look at the ship, but at the gallery. ”Because the subject of the sermon will be the“ fallen creation ”, which Willy Wiedmann pictured below the area of ​​the organ.

The jazz saxophonist Martin Keller and dean's chantor Alexander Kuhlo will provide musical accompaniment to the service. The fair starts on April 29th at 11 a.m., Unterländer Str. 15, 70435 Stuttgart. Afterwards, visitors have the opportunity to talk to the artist's family.

The ART edition will later be exhibited in a showcase. Every Sunday the appropriate sermon page is opened for the service.


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