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– Currently Available in German–

Willy Wiedmann, the creator of the worldwide unique "Wiedmann Bible", worked for 16 years to reproduce the entire Bible in his pictures. He designed the complete Old and New Testaments in the polycon style he developed himself. The complete work is available in two voluminous and highly priced volumes from the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft.

Excerpts from this work, which consists of 19 Leporello books with a total of 3,333 images in a total length of 1.17 km, we now present in a low-priced edition of the Luther Bible. This contains a selection of Willy Wiedmann's pictures on 36 color pages and will delight art lovers, collectors and friends of high-quality Bible editions. This "small" Wiedmann Bible also contains a family chronicle and is therefore also very suitable as a valuable wedding bible for marriages.

A new artist's Bible - with the pictures of Willy Wiedmann After Chagall, Dürer, Michelangelo and Rembrandt: The Wiedmann Bible as an artist's edition!

Binding: hardcover
Number of pages: 1536
Publication date: 21.09.2020
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-438-03353-6
Dimensions (L/W): 22/14,3 cm
Edition: 1st edition, new edition
Illustrator: Willy Wiedmann
Translator: Martin Luther
Sales Rank: 46180

Luther Bible with pictures by Willy Wiedmann

SKU: 00021
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