Rollbuch – Analog Scrolling

Rollbuch – Analog Scrolling

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The analog Wiedmann Bible experience. With the Rollbuch you can scroll through the pictures manually. Enjoy the different Biblical stories without turning the pages.

The hand-made Rollbuch is about the size of a normal book. Inside, a paper band is stretched on two rolls. With the help of the cranks you can scroll back and forth.

Choose between three different variations:

1. Six Biblical Stories from the Wiedmann Bible (e.g. The Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, The Golden Calf, The Conception and Birth of Jesus, The Last Supper – Betrayal, The Way of the Cross – Resurrection)
2. The Book of Genesis from Adam & Eve to the Flood
3. The Book of Psalter (Psalm 1-68)

The delivery time: about 3 weeks


About the Wiedmann Bible:

The Wiedmann Bible depicts the entire Old and New Testament in 3,333 images. This unique piece of art is named after the Stuttgart-based artist Willy Wiedmann (1929-2013). For 16 years, he worked on the Leporello, which is more than 1km long. Wiedmann did not have the opportunity to publish his work. Therefore, he buried his dream and the picture bible in the attic of his gallery, where his son, Martin Wiedmann, discovered it after his father’s death and then digitized the pictures.

Since then, the Wiedmann Bible is on its way to fulfill its mission: sharing the Bible with everyone through images, thus giving them a new way to access as well as understanding of it. On the “Evangelischer Kirchentag” (German Protestant Kirchentag) in Stuttgart in 2015, the original was presented to the public for the first time.

In the meantime, a digital world of images has been created. In the Virtual Reality, you can – for instance – step into Noah’s Arch or rummage through the leporellos in the gallery’s attic. The interactive Media World allows you an inside view into the Bible that had never been offered before.